August 6, 2020

Whelp, I’m going to get right to the point with this blog post. I’m working on Delvers LLC 4, Golden Handcuffs right now. Steve Keiler is working on the continuation of the Engineering Ludus story in the Surviving Ludus anthology.  His series will be called, appropriately, Engineering Ludus.  I’m helping him publish this story, and…

August 12, 2019

The Delvers LLC/Ludus/Artivice Universe Anthology! This project is effectively live as of this moment.   Who?     Submissions will be gathered from participating fans and authors,  They will be read and the final composition of the anthology book(s) will be announced ASAP.   All applicants submitting stories for the anthology should be familiar with the…

August 12, 2019

Ball of Light: Evolution by AR Chen is now live in the Amazon store! AR Chen was one of the original members of the LitRPG Society, my first group I ever created on RRL.  His story is a combination of dungeon, portal fiction, and evolution.  It’s completely unique! This story is not mine, but I…


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