Cozy Fantasy LitRPG

About the series:

Don’t miss the start of the Cozy Fantasy LitRPG Series which proves that even in the quietest lives, the most dramatic things happen. Like a recipe gone awry because you lack one important ingredient and you need to make this cake for someone you love for their birthday which happens to be the next day. Low-stakes? Nah.

Now add magic, dragons, spirits, and gods. And Joe.

Joe is a cool guy.

You’ll like Joe.

Cozy Isekai Craftsman Cover

Cozy Isekai Craftsman: Lockwood

A new world. A new life. A chance to start over.

Through no fault of his own, Joe’s life was starting on a downward spiral. Bad things can happen to good people, but this is not much comfort for those who are treading water, trying not to be drowned by misfortune.

Luckily, sometimes people can catch a break, a chance to start over.

When he’s transported to an alternate Earth full of magic, wonder, and light RPG elements, Joe just wants to build a comfortable life. He begins to put down roots and make friends in the port city of Lockwood.

But can he make a home for himself when fire spirits scorch his bathroom, demon dogs trample his rose garden, and countless other magical mayhem threatens his peace?