Join Jake as he navigates his crazy new reality of different dimensions, dangerous monsters, and powerful gods. Eastern cultivation meets a gacha-like LitRPG system as his understanding of an eternal struggle grows. All while evolutions to new monster forms and races, powerful items straight out of Xianxia, and powerful sacred arts will help him survive. The Earth will never be the same after the apocalypse, but maybe after getting a second chance, Jake will be enough to tip the balance and prevent true evil from prevailing.

Savage Webs Cover

Savage Webs: A LitRPG Cultivation Series

Jake is no longer human, he’s no longer on Earth, and he is about to find out that in the Murim world, he’s also low on the food chain.

A final showdown with the evil god Ahriman is inevitable, and Jake also needs to survive his time in the Murim world to return back to Earth. Luckily, as a new divine champion, he’s about to be introduced to a special, champion-only reward system.

But other champions are gunning for him now. Enemies who are more powerful, more seasoned, and who also have access to the same reward system that Jake does…

Mere survival won’t cut it anymore. Jake will need to take his first real steps on a path to serious power.

Book 2 in the next hit series from bestseller Blaise Corvin. This is a cultivation story with elements of eastern fantasy, but also includes LitRPG and GameLit tropes.

Trojan Nightmare cover

Trojan Nightmare: A LitRPG Cultivation Series

He’s been preparing for the apocalypse his entire life. Is he ready?

Miles “Shrug” Lindstrom received a quest years ago. He was the only person who could see the window, and in addition to the quest, he could also see a countdown to the end of the world.

Part of him was hoping that he was just insane and had been hallucinating when he first started seeing the window. Then again, if the quest was just his imagination, he was going to be massively in debt with a rental full of useless junk.

But when the countdown finally stops, what happens is nothing like he could have imagined. Miles prepared for almost any scenario, but a world full of monsters wasn’t one of them.

Will finishing his strange quest help him survive the chaos?

Don’t miss the next LitRPG Apocalypse Series from bestseller Blaise Corvin, author of Delvers LLC and Apocalypse Cultivation. Sometimes, being the chosen one isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.