Delvers LLC Series

About the series: Join Henry and Jason as they explore Ludus, struggling to survive on an alien planet full of magic and monster. The two men from Earth will be forced to navigate new cultures and learn mysterious powers they continue to master.

The two friends will make more allies along the way, even some they consider family. But in order to return home, they must finish the insane quest that Dolos, the god of Ludus, gave them. They will need an edge. Maybe modern know-how from Earth will be enough.

Delvers LLC Hostile Takeover

Hostile Takeover (book 5)

The Delvers LLC group is moving into the unknown. Tasked with a dangerous quest by Dolos, the god of Ludus, they have had to leave one of their members behind. Their journey will be full of shocking revelations as they learn more of Earth’s ancient history.

Forces of evil that have been gathering on Ludus have begun to act. Henry and Jason are rapidly being caught in the middle of a world war. The stakes have never been higher.

Although great, the power they have acquired thus far might not be enough to survive. Will Delvers LLC be able to complete their next mission? More importantly, even if they do, is the fight for the planet one they can even win?

Delvers LLC Hostile Takeover

Golden Handcuffs (book 4)

After helping save a country on Ludus from a demon invasion, Henry and Jason could use a break. Unfortunately, life moves on, and new problems will appear, especially for their friend, the new ruler of Berber. Being orb-Bonded adventurers wielding powerful magic means they have the responsibility to do what others cannot.

Some members have left, and there will be new additions. The Delvers LLC team is solid. But while Henry creates new magi-tech and Jason perfects his deadly power, evil forces are gathering. The men from Earth had better enjoy what down time they have, because it’s not likely to last.

Events on Ludus and out among the rest of the universe are spiraling towards something terrible. Henry Sato, Jason Booth, and Nora Hazard might find themselves being drawn towards the center of the conflict, or knowing their luck, fall right into it.

Delvers LLC Hostile Takeover

Adventure Capital

(book 3)

By working together, Henry Sato and Jason Booth have managed to survive their unwanted trip to Ludus, an experiment planet. However, Delvers LLC has made some enemies…if monsters, bandits, mages, criminals, bounty hunters, and even dark cults can be called, “some enemies.”

After their latest battle, the two have been separated and must adapt or die. Henry in particular faces a trial by fire—perhaps literally—that may be impossible for him to overcome.

The two American men will face their greatest challenges yet while working as conscripted Berber Intelligence agents. But even while outnumbered, and most likely outgunned, the former veteran EMT and resilient IT programmer will be armed with modern Earth know-how.

Unknown horrors are descending on Ludus, but Delvers LLC won’t go down without a fight.

Delvers LLC Hostile Takeover

Obligations Incurred (Book 2)

Henry and Jason somehow survived being kidnapped to Ludus, a monster-filled sword-and-sorcery world. They managed to make friends, pay their rent, and they even founded their own adventuring business, Delvers LLC.

Unfortunately, by overcoming the odds and creating a reputation for themselves in such short time, monarchs and nobles have taken notice of the two men from Earth. Foreign, deadly struggles may be unavoidable for Delvers LLC.

Henry and Jason are about to discover something even more dangerous than murderous monsters on Ludus: Politics.

Delvers LLC Hostile Takeover

Welcome to Ludus (Book 1)

Henry and Jason were two regular guys before being transported to Ludus, a dangerous fantasy world. Luckily, they have at least a few useful skills, and more importantly, can learn to use magic.

Now they will need to survive a world where nothing is familiar, where monsters roam the wilderness and alien people populate the cities. The two friends will need to dig deep, discovering who they are and what it means to be human.

Unfortunately, making money will also be important, and working as fantasy adventurers in real life…isn’t always fun.