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TL:DR, the link to Engineering Ludus is right here:  Link to Engineering Ludus

Some of you might know that I let other authors play in my worlds sometimes.  The first time I ever did this was with the Surviving Ludus anthology.   You can find it here:  Surviving Ludus on Amazon.  If you want the audio version, it’s sold on Soundbooth Theater’s website right here.

Surviving Ludus CoverThis was a project where multiple talented authors wrote short stories in the Artifice Universe, where Delvers LLC takes place.  Well, one of the authors from the story has returned, and basically just continued where his original story, Engineering Ludus, left off!

The first Engineering Ludus story story is super fun, and follows the journey of Zac Riggs after he is transported to Ludus.  He’s an engineering student who was backpacking before he suddenly found himself in the dangerous Ludan wilderness.

Engineering Ludus the novel (picture of the cover at the bottom of this post) is Steven Keiler’s first full-length book, and published through my publishing company.  It’s about 205k words of Riggs’ continued adventures (and misadventures) on Ludus.  He and his adopted Mo’hali sister, Gazra-tam, begin the book with a journey out of the wilderness to civilization.

There is a recap of the short story, but Steve Keiler and I both recommend that folks read the entire thing.  (of course)

An audio version will be coming soon, and voiced by Gary Furlong, the voice actor who brought the original short story to life.

If you like action and adventure, and might even like a more serious, introspective fantasy from the first person perspective of an irreverant MC, this one is for you.

I edited every chapter as it was written, so I am intimately familiar with the story.  As a result, the lore aligns with all of my books, and there are even cameos and shout outs to other things going on in the Delvers LLC series.

Seriously, this book is a ton of fun, and I loved how Steve Keiler tackled the perspective of another orb-Bonded transportee to Ludus who did not luck into the overwhelming power that Henry and Jason have discovered.

Give it a try.  I bet you’ll like it.  If you’re part of the Kindle Unlimited program, it’s even free.


Link to Engineering Ludus on the Amazon.com store

Engineering Ludus cover: