Hey everyone!

This year has been rough.  I’m always hestitant to talk about my struggles because I know that everything is relative and my trials and tribulations may be nothing to someone else.

Anyway, yeah, this year has been weird.

I normally get seasonal depression and this year has been no different, but I’m somehow working through it.  Honestly, it’s really odd.  I can’t explain it but I’m not complaining.

So the bad news is that this hasn’t been a very fruitful year for me, but hopefully we can finish it off strong.

Works in Progress:

Secret of the Old Ones 2 is being written, and I might have both SOO2 and SOO3 done before the end of next month.  I’m plugging away rather fast.  Chapters should start going up on Royal Road soon.  They are already on Patreon.

The first book of Secret of the Old Ones (A steampunk, Lovecraftian, LitRPG story) can be found here:  SOO on amazon.

Delvers LLC 5 already has about 30k words written (available to be read in rough form on Patreon).  I will start working on Delvers 5 and Apocalypse Cultivation 2 after I’m done with my SOO work in progress.


Apocalypse Cultivation will be launching early next year.  Very exciting stuff.  It’ll be my most polished published book thus far.

Engineering Ludus (a spinoff in the Delvers LLC universe by Steve Keiler) has both an ebook and an audio book.  The story is fun and very long.

Engineering Ludus on Amazon

Featured cover art:

This is the cover for the upcoming Secret of the Old Ones 2.  I’m very excited to be working on this one for fans.  A lot of readers have been patiently waiting a very long time.