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This is the launch page for Delvers LLC.  Please click on the “Book One” button if you are new to the story!


Delvers LLC is an adventure fantasy series about two guys from our Earth who are transported to a fantasy world!  If you like fantasy, if you like sword fighting, if you like adventure, if you like magic, if you like stories of survival mixed with a bit of humor, you may like this series.

Just give it a shot.  What could it hurt?


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  • wvskull Two


  • Blaise

    Hey guys! Thank you for visiting! Please feel free to read and comment.

  • Nicholas Solomon

    that 95% though …
    such a tease

    • Blaise

      I’m posting tonight. 😛 Sorry. Work has been crazy. I’m working on final edits before I fix formatting and start uploading.

  • 14Simeonrr

    just started reading really like the story! keep up the great work

    • Blaise


  • SpeedT

    Really good story man. I’ll have to keep up with this one. One question, how did you get started? I have my own idea for a web novel, but I don’t know where to begin aside from actually writing it. I just like hearing input from other writers.

    • Blaise

      I actually got started on Wattpad. I didn’t get many views, but posting there started giving me the discipline to keep up with writing since before I only did it as a hobby when I felt like it. I would suggest trying out Wattpad, or Royal Road Legends, or Inkitt if you’re not ready to take the plunge for a website.

      Websites are very time consuming and cost money to set up too unless you go with a free WordPress site… but there are pros and cons. It takes a lot of research.

      A great community of writers and a place I learned a lot is Web Fiction Guide The people there are really harsh with reviews, but really nice and they give great advice. The Royal Road forums are really great for advice too but you’ll get advice from (on average) less experienced writers there.

  • Francis Alcala

    Hey is there ntr or will there be an ntr? sorry I always try to find out first before reading.

    • Blaise

      I am not a fan of NTR

  • Mark Lewis

    Are we pretending that this isn’t a bad rip off of “acquisitions incorporated” ?

  • Kyle louthan

    So very good story, I just bought the book and blew through it in like a day and half. Characters are awesome. So I was wondering how long ago was the book released and do we have an eta on the second installment?

    I have a few questions: Does Jason’s teleport ability require LOS? Second, The Null Magic Field Jason creates seems to be a shield of sorts from magical attacks as it nullifies the magic aspect of the attack. As I understand it he can black magic attacks as shown when he blocked the fireball spell sent at the Battlewagon. But how does it stop bullets or Thod’s Sword? While both of those attacks were initiated with magic, the projectile would still of an enormous amount of kinetic energy the same with the sword. Yet each time they stopped dead. Not frozen in time allowing them to get out of the way but physically like hitting an invisible wall. I am also curious as to where this planet is located and why none of the space faring races haven’t discovered the planet and removed their people. My guess is it has something to do with Dolos.

    Anyway I have a few other questions that are minor but will most likely be answered in the next book. I Really liked the book and can’t wait for the next installment. I am one of those old fashioned people who will wait till the book is finished as I cant read it in installments. lol

    • Blaise

      1. Thank you for reading and stopping by! If you haven’t already left a review on Amazon, please do so. 🙂
      2. Most of your questions will be answered in book 2.
      3. I released Welcome to Ludus about 3 weeks ago
      4. Book two will probably come out early next year. I plan to offer preorders for it around Christmas time.

      Thank you for dropping by! Even if you don’t read the new story online, feel free to drop in from time to time just to say hi. 🙂

  • Kylos

    Finish the first book in about 2 days great story! I was wondering when book 2 will be on out on audible?

    • Blaise

      Probably around the end of March. I’m hoping mid march for the ebook.

  • will we see book 2 as an audiobook?

    • Blaise

      Sure will. 🙂

  • Jonathan Schmidt

    Hi, I just read the whole story today. It was a lot of fun. Thank you :).

    • Blaise

      You’re very welcome! The second book is being published early next month.

  • MarkDsm

    Get done with the first audible. Eagerly look for the second one. Find out it isn’t out yet. That’s the moment I realized how easy it would have been for that Jeff fellow to turn into a sadist.

    • Blaise

      It’s coming, I promise!

  • Kyle Burkett

    So, does anyone else wonder if Titanium rots the same way iron and steel does? I mean, it’s pretty abundant (here on earth anyway), it’s got half the density of steel, but properly made is stronger (think half as light, twice as strong, that’s not really quite right but it gives you the right frame of reference) and our biggest issue is refining it properly (which is why we don’t use a lot of it despite it being so abundant). That said, it’s implied with the MMBs that Henry is able to call up gold out of the ground (given it’s abundance and the requirement of feeding it to MMBs), so one has to wonder if he could do the same for Titanium, and then mold it as he dose other metals (like he’s seen doing with Bronze). If he can, and it doesn’t rot like steel, then that would give them a massive edge (no pun intended), allowing them to make very light weight armor and weapons, or armor of normal weight but that’s extra thick (though that might make it too bulky).

    Another thought, how much weight can Jason teleport? We know he can teleport with his pack, but what about, say, a Hang Glider? Part of his Tele-flight is gliding along, he could easily increase the distance he could glide with a hang glider, or if that’s too much mass a wing suit would also extend his glide time considerably.

    And one last thought, it mentions that only high level air mages can fly and even then for only a few minutes. But that’s a pretty stark contrast with Jason’s Tele-flight, which, although it’s not real flight, one might think should take more power given that he’s literally bending space to move from point A to B without moving through the intervening space. Except that we know it takes relatively little power to do thing within your discipline, which makes me wonder if flight isn’t actually the purview of Air, but rather another school, specifically Force or Attraction. Bear with me for a moment here, I’ve been considering this a while, and I think one of those must govern Gravity, my guess would be Force since I think Attraction would cover Atomic Bonds (i.e. the forces that bind all matter together). If that’s correct then Flight wouldn’t actually be under Air (even though it is in a more traditional version of magic settings) but would actually be under Force (or possibly attraction), as it would be more of a weakening of the existing gravitational force, or the altering of it’s direction (allowing you to float and then pulling yourself along by changing the direction of the gravitational force).

    Anyway, just some thoughts I thought worth considering. Loved the stories, looking forward to the third.

    • Blaise

      You asked some really good questions, and clarification will come in time. 🙂

      I will answer one question right now, though. Titanium /does/ exist on Ludus, but not everywhere. It’s native to one continent. It does exist in small quantities other places, but titanium makes /shitty/ edged weapons. Honestly, really horrible.

      The most common usage of titanium on Ludus would be armor or simple tools like forks and knives.

  • Roy Sherrill

    I bought both books on kindle and had my kindle fire tablet read them to me. Cheaker and faster than audible. I have over 800 audible books in my library but many great book are not in audio yet.

  • Douglas Mulipola

    Great listen jus finished book 1 …bout 2 get into book 2


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