Vote for Delvers LLC – Facebook Contest!

Thank you to everyone who helped!  I don’t need anyone to act on this anymore!


Hi everyone,

In the most active litRPG facebook group, there is a contest a-brewing.

The only category Delvers is eligible for right now is “Aspirant”.
To vote for Delvers, message Aleron on his author page at and tell him you want to nominate Delvers LLC for the Aspirant category.

I really can’t be mad right now because Ascend Online and Kill 10 Rats are great stories in my group, but I know my readers are competitive, like me. :)

I bet you guys can blow this thing out of the water.  You’ve helped keep Delvers in the top 15 on Top Web Fiction for months.

I always say my readers are the best readers, and I’m 100% serious.
I’ll remove this note after the contest results are tabulated so it doesn’t clutter up my story more than it already is.

Thanks everyone!


PS: I’m working hard to get another 2 chapters out by Sunday.

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