Upcoming launches for August 2019

Hey everyone!

I have a quick bit of news for August, 2019!

Ongoing work:

Next month I will be editing First Song 2 again, writing Asgard Awkening 2, and putting out a few Delvers 4 chapters.  I’m going to be busy as hell.


Cole Blooded

Outspan Foster and I kind of did a spur of the moment thing, and we are launching a new book set in the Artifice (Delvers LLC) Universe in August. It’s called Cole Blooded.

The book will be a standalone novel right now. If enough folks read it, love it, and want to see what happens next, Outspan will probably be writing the rest of that series on his own, with my blessing and support. 

Cole Blooded tells the story of a different experiment by Dolos, fleshing out the Artifice world.  Not everyone who is taken from Earth wind up on Ludus…

Ball of Light: Evolution will be launching next month as well. This has been a long time coming. For those who don’t know, Ball of Light was one of my favorite stories on RRL back in the day, and the author, AR Chen is a friend of mine, one of the original writers in the LitRPG Society on RRL.  Publishing this story through  my company has been quite a learning experience!

Ball of Light is going to be a lot of fun. I’ll make sure to let everyone know when it launches.

The story is about a literal ball of light named Steve who wakes up on a fantasy world with very hazy memories, and a helper who tells him the new rules of the game he’s now a part of.

The story is sort of Dungeon Core, mixed with adventure, all with a foundation of humor.

You won’t regret giving it a chance if you’ve never encountered it before! 


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