November 17, 2020

Okay everyone, Delvers LLC 4, Golden Handcuffs, has been published. (Golden Handcuffs is a business term, like the rest of the Delvers LLC series titles) This is the continued story of Henry and Jason, two regular guys from earth who were transported to a dangerous fantasy world called Ludus. Now they need to survive (maybe…

May 25, 2019

Hey folks! Wow, it’s been a while.  Yikes. Okay, let me start this post with an explanation first.  As most readers probably know, my average production time for a book is around three months.  I am about two weeks away from finishing Nora 3, and it’s taken me six. The frustrating thing about this is…

August 24, 2018

I’ve gotten a lot of question about how Nora Hazard fits into the greater Delvers LLC storyline, and I’ve tried to address that in the books themselves, but I know not everyone will see it. So, to make this really clear, this is my suggested Delvers LLC reading order: Delvers LLC, Welcome to Ludus Delvers…


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