Mitigating Risk (Nora Hazard Book 1)

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*Nora Hazard’s story begins over three years prior to the events of Delvers LLC: Welcome to Ludus.*

On Ludus, life is often cheap. Gangs of disillusioned young women roam the city streets of Bittertown in Berber, looking for trouble and usually finding it.

Nora’s childhood hadn’t given her many options in life. With nowhere else to go after losing her family, she had joined an old friend in a street gang and found an unlikely home there.

But unfortunately, tragedy is about to befall Nora. Grudges from the distant past and movements of shadowy organizations may take away everything she is familiar with and all that she holds dear…possibly even her life.

Danger has never stopped her before, but survival may require escaping her old life and embarking on an insane, desperate journey. As a native of Ludus, she understands how dangerous her world can be.

Unfortunately for her enemies, Nora is no pushover herself.

This series has:
-A badass, female MC
-Gritty violence
-Rough language
-A harsh fantasy world with its own moral compass

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