First Song, Book Two (Anthem of Infinity 2)

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The entire world has changed, and Noah has changed with it. A year after the Shift, the plans he’d laid, caches he’d hidden, and infrastructure he’d put in place have saved millions, but the world’s death toll has still been astronomical.

Now he continues his struggle to protect the people he cares about and to atone for his past weakness. Journeying with his elite group, the Merriweathers, Noah has been patrolling the eastern United States. He has been helping new communities rebuild from the ashes of civilization, but his true goal has always been a search for Humanity’s enemies, the Aelves.

But when Noah finally hears new rumors about his old foes, what he will encounter will be beyond anything he could have imagined. Ghosts from the past will return and new discoveries will create more questions. Noah will learn that the post-Shift world can be even more dangerous than anything he had planned for.

There might be something out there even worse than the Aelves.

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