Asgard Awakening 2 (Veilverse: Asgard Awakening)

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Travis Sterling has escaped a life of slavery and has attained incredible magical potential, but he is still vulnerable. What’s more, inheriting Odin’s mantle has automatically earned him a slew of enemies.

But now that Trav has power and freedom, he needs a plan. What’s more, he must explore who he is and what he is becoming.

His beautiful valkyries have given him an early advantage and good council, but they won’t be enough, not anymore.

The universe is a lot larger than Trav had ever imagined…and more dangerous. In order to survive, he’ll need to forge alliances, create new weapons, master his magic, and learn more about himself. Trav’s experiences growing up on Earth might not have helped much in the mines, but his checkered past might be the perfect resume for a newborn god.

A Veilverse Story

*Note: This series was written for adults. Asgard Awakening contains morally grey situations, polyamory, fantasy violence, and slavery.

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