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Hey folks!

Wow, it’s been a while.  Yikes.

Okay, let me start this post with an explanation first.  As most readers probably know, my average production time for a book is around three months.  I am about two weeks away from finishing Nora 3, and it’s taken me six.

The frustrating thing about this is it’s not an exceptionally long book, either.  It’ll be around regular Nora/Delvers length.

What went wrong was our abnormally long and cold winter this year.  My writing process still remains partially a mystery to me, but this year I discovered that I do indeed get seasonal depression, and while I’m sitting around thinking, “Ugh, God, please turn on the heater,” it’s hard for me to create or really do much of anything.

Last year was one of the best years of my life.  This year, I’ve managed to spend twice the time I normally spend on a book, on a book that I don’t expect to sell very well, and I’ve also fallen off the fitness truck.  Things are still pretty awesome and positive, but it is what it is.  In order not to lose half a year of productivity again on a crappy winter, I’ve been brainstorming solutions.  If you’d like to participate in any of those future conversations (or get news faster), I have them in the three places I hang out most often:

My Patreon
My facebook group (“Magnificent Bastard BC” – PS, answer the questions if you try to join)

Now it’s time to move along, because I don’t want anyone to think this is a pity post or that I’m feeling sorry for myself.  Writing is hard.  If you don’t produce, you don’t get paid…and you shouldn’t.  I am very fortunate and lucky to have attained my dream job where I can sit at home in my underwear, somehow building a career off of a crazy imagination and a lifetime of eccentric interests.

The new release schedule:

The first two books I’m going to share here will be published within one month of each other, probably one in June, and one in July.

We have:

Ball of Light Evolution




















This is a book by a friend of mine, one of the first members of the LitRPG Society on Royal Road back in the day. I’ve known this dude since like 2015 or 2016.

He had his story, “Evolution of a Ball of Light” posted on Royal Road, and I really liked it!

Fast forward to now, and I am publishing it for him through my publishing company, not least of which because I think it’s really cool to encourage a friend this way.  AR Chen is super creative, and his writing style is unique, like a gritty YA.  I am expecting great things from him for years to come.

I’m still exploring options for the future audio book for this one.

The next book is Nora Hazard 3.




















This will be the end of the Nora Hazard series, and will directly dovetail into the greater Delvers series.

Nora has grown a lot, and in many ways, she has had as large of an impact on Ludus, and specifically Berber as Henry and Jason have.  This series is not necessary reading to enjoy the rest of the Delvers series, but it will give a ton of backstory and worldbuilding on Ludus itself.

Writing a female MC like this, in first person narrative, and doing a character study for a woman with a rough childhood from a completely different world…has been a challenge to say the least.  Nora Hazard has not been much of a commercial success (yet), but I don’t regret writing this series at all.  I’ve been forced to grow as a writer, and most readers who discover the series really enjoy the amount of new depth it gives to the world of Ludus.

Plus, folks who have been hanging out with Nora will probably have a lot more fun in Delvers 4. 😛

The audio books for Nora Hazard are published by Tantor, and are voiced by Emily Beresford.

The next book I’m intending to publish in 2019, probably in August, is First Song 2.




















This story will continue the life and times of Noah about a year after the end of the first book.

Outspan really outdid himself on this one.  I’ve loved our collaborations anyway, but this book is really going to be special.  It’s beginning to look like First Song is the series where we take savage glee in subverting expectations in really fun ways as long as readers are willing to stick with us for the ride.

First Song is my only YA IP (so far).

First Song audio is published through Tantor, and voiced by Ramon De Ocampo.  I think he did a really amazing job on the first book.

The next book I plan to publish, probably realistically in October, is Asgard Awakening 2.













This is the series I’m writing in the VeilVerse universe that I created with my friend,  William D. Arand, author of Super Sales on Super Heroes.

The Veilverse is basically a multiverse of infinite possibilities, where worlds are sometimes connected by veils, time-space doorways.  There is lore associated with the Veilverse, and readers will definitely find out more as we progress.  Right now, Will’s story is a Wuxia-style story, and Asgard Awakening is steeped in Norse mythology and divine struggle.

The main character, Travis, is from earth and spent several hellish years in Asgard as a slave.  Asgard Awakening is his story, of how he is given the tools and inheritance to be free, to excel, but also thrown into an age-old conflict.  Power always comes with a price.

Asgard Awakening is a “harem” series, which is shorthand for fiction that explores polygamy in some form or another.  It’s a gritty fantasy novel for gritty readers.

The audio books will all be voiced by the incredibly talented Andrea Parsneau.

Last but not least,

Delvers LLC 4




















I am shooting for December or January 2020 on this one, then I’ll be writing Delvers 5 right afterward.  Delvers 5 will be the end of the series, but there will be a sequel series, Delvers Inc.  I’d like to keep these books to sets of 5 so they don’t get too cumbersome.

I don’t think I really need to say much about Delvers LLC 4.  It’s going to be awesome, I promise.  Henry and Jason will need to acclimate to Ludus better.  Tourist time is over.

The audio book for this series is up in the air.  Jeff Hays did an amazing job on the first three, but nothing is set in stone.

Now I know I will get a lot of questions about the next series, so I will give it a quick mention here.

Secret of the Old Ones is still very much alive.  It’s just lowest priority right now with everything else that I’m doing.  The plus side is that I write them fast.




















This is the cover for SOO2.  It’s coming, I promise!

As the cover should make obvious, the inclusion of airships to Secret of the Old Ones game really mixes up the balance of power.  Whether Vale remains on top or not will depend on whether he can figure out how to capitalize on the coming war, and also what teammates he chooses to surround himself with.

Real money and lives are on the line.  It’s time for Vale to grow up–can he?


I hope everyone enjoys this FYI on my plans for the year.  While it’s been long overdue, I hesitated to share anything earlier in case moving parts kept moving, and also because I wanted to give everyone good news.  Some sort of half-assed, “I’m working on things…*mumble mumble*” probably wouldn’t cut it, and I knew that.

At least now I feel like a productive writer again and we have some fairly solid-tentative ETAs on getting some books out the door.  Yay, I can keep the lights on!

As always, I hope I don’t let everyone down.  Thank you for your patience.


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  • PK
    June 20, 2019 - 2:10 am · Reply

    Blaise. I have bought all oof your books. I enjoy your writing style and how much effort you’ve put into building Ludus. I’ve even started writing fanfiction! And I never do that. Anyway, I can’t wait to see where it all goes and I want to help you get there.

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