New Release (Asgard Awakening 2) and some news

Hey everyone!

I just launched my 13th (I think) book, Asgard Awakening 2.

The link to the book is here: Book link

Alternately, like all my books, you can go to the “Pages” tab on the website, and head to “My Books” to see my completely catalog of work.

Asgard Awakening is part of the Veilverse, a multi-author universe created by William D. Arand and myself.  So far, John Van Stry (Author of Portals of Infinity) has also joined us.  New authors will eventually write into the universe as well.

The Veilverse books are all HaremLit so far (HaremLit is a genre of books known for a male MC and a plot that includes polyamory, not to be confused with “Reverse Harem,” a popular genre that features a female MC, like the Anita Blake series).

I started the Veilvese project with Will Arand by writing Asgard Awakening on my end, and he wrote Cultivating Chaos.  The covers even form one whole, which I think is cool, but I don’t think most ever notice.

The Veilverse project has been really fun so far, and I’ve enjoyed being part of the HaremLit community.  In many ways, doing this project with Will was extremely appropriate, because he helped popularize the HaremLit genre with Super Sales on Super Heroes, and eventually including John Van Stry made sense because he did the same with his Portals of Infinity series (which I’d read before I’d even published).

So now that Asgard Awakening 2 is done, I will be focusing on Delvers LLC 4, Golden Handcuffs.  I’ve actually begun work on it already.  The next chapter won’t come out on Patreon for a few days, mainly because there are some launch things I have to take care of first for Asgard Awakening, and some other stuff, which leads me to my next piece of news.

Engineering Ludus, a short story in the Surviving Ludus anthology, is getting its own series.  The author and I have talked about it extensively, and he’s already written several chapters.  We’ll be finalizing the contract within the next few days an I will begin posting those chapters on Patreon too.

The story follows Riggs, an American engineering student who was in school before he found himself on Ludus.  It’s written in first person, and Riggs is a really fun character to follow and root for.  I’m very excited about the series.

*Note:  WIP chapters on Patreon are all taken down when a book launches because keeping them up would be a violation of my agreement with Amazon within the Kindle Unlimited program.

The last bit of news I have to share is about Secret of the Old Ones.  Folks have been complaining about how my WIP updates seem static, and I get it, but as this blog post should prove, I’m still chugging along.  After Delvers LLC 4 has launched, I will be working on Secret of the Old Ones 2, and I’m hoping to have it written before the end of the year.

If all goes well, I should launch at least three more books this year, but it’ll be a close thing.  We’ll see, right?

Last but not least, some of my readers know I’ve been working on a secret project, and to be honest, I’m not in a huge hurry to go to market with it.  I really believe it’s my next big series, like Delvers LLC, so I want to take my time and do it right.  I know even mentioning it here is a bit of a tease, but I want all my readers to know that I’m definitely busting my ass trying to get more fun stories out.  Since seasonal depression (or ‘Rona depression this year) can be a PITA, I always feel like I’m playing catchup, but it is what it is.

Thank you for your patience!




And the second book’s full, combined image with Cultivating Chaos 2 is below. : )


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  • James Leber
    June 26, 2020 - 9:46 pm · Reply

    I do just want to say that I did in fact notice that the covers connected together. So, it isn’t completely lost on the public.

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