Knife Blade Shapes

A while back, like at the beginning of 2020, I saw that another author had posted this pic–a blade classification–in his group.  I don’t really agree with some of these classifications. For instance, a sheep’s foot should curve back. A trailing point and a clip point can really be considered the same thing by most people.

Anyway, for fun I got some of my knives together to match the blade profiles in the chart.





*Note the knives on the right side that have different blade shapes that are not in the list, including (moving up):


-Slicer (this one w/ recurve)
-Reverse Tanto
-Complex grind (reverse tanto)
-Recurve spear point
-Multiple complex grind


Granted that last one is not likely to be encountered in the wild, much less in history or in a fantasy world, but it exists now…and actually works better than you might imagine.


Oh, by the way!  If you’re interested in higher quality knives, especially folding knives, you can check out a group I made for it on Facebook:

See, a lot of knife groups I’ve found so far have mostly been populated by elitists (I am not one, even a crappy gas station knife still cuts), or people who scream about how anything over $10 is a waste of money.  Since both perspectives annoy me, I just made my own group. 🙂

Higher End EDC — it’s an EDC group for folks who appreciate quality gear.

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