First Song, Book One has officially launched!

First Song, Book One has launched!

This was my first collab, and I really enjoyed working with Outspan Foster.

First Song, Book One, is the first book of the Anthem of Infinity series. This is a completely new series in a different universe than any other book I’ve published.

The story is about Noah, a young man who has survived in post-apocalypse America, who is kind of a terrible person and knows it.

He hates himself, and he kind of should. But everything changes when he finds a mysterious orb and meets someone who teaches him to be a decent person again.

More importantly, he may get a crazy second chance at life, and to be a better human being.

First Song is like a cross between The Postman, Hot Tub Time Machine, Hunger Games, and Ender’s Game…but with a twist!

This story is definitely RPG GameLit/LitRPG. I really think you all are going to enjoy it, but either way, please leave a review : )

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