Delvers LLC world / Ludus Anthology project!

The Delvers LLC/Ludus/Artivice Universe Anthology!

This project is effectively live as of this moment.




Submissions will be gathered from participating fans and authors,  They will be read and the final composition of the anthology book(s) will be announced ASAP.


All applicants submitting stories for the anthology should be familiar with the Delvers LLC series.  Being familiar with the Nora Hazard series is a huge plus.




This anthology is going to consist of one or two books.  Submissions that were not accepted to the anthology may still be posted to the website with the permission of the author.  I will not be editing these stories that are posted to the website.  This policy will basically be a way to honor everyone’s hard work, and give everyone a link to share their story with friends even if their story isn’t in the book(s)!

*Note: Again, this will be optional for submissions that are not accepted into the final book(s).




All submissions should be between 10000 and 40000 words.  Final submissions should be sent to:



Editing, flow, viability in the established canon, and how fun or interesting a story is will all be considered while being judged for inclusion into the anthology.


If a story is accepted, the writer will be contacted and presented a contract that must be signed prior to any official announcement.


Adom publishing will handle pre-launch editing, artwork, and promotion.  Cover art will be done in the Delvers LLC style.




Writers of accepted stories will receive $200 USD at the time a contract is signed.  Sorry, I know this isn’t much, but it’s better than a handshake.


Anthology writers will all be credited upon the anthology’s release. 


Each anthology writer will get the opportunity to include a brief foreword and/or afterword and/or note at the end of the book (not 100% sure on placement yet) with something about themselves, or their other work, or anything else they’d like in print.  Anthology authors will also be allowed one link (so a prior-published author can effectively promote, or a new author can start establishing a social media presence.


Also…this project is going to be fun!




This project is officially live as of this posting and submissions will end on Sept 30, 2019.


It is possible that more submissions could be accepted than can fit in one book. If so, a second anthology book will be produced as well.  Two volumes is the most that will be produced for this project.


Story content:


The theme of the anthology is:  Different kinds of people struggling to survive on Ludus.


Cameos by existing characters will only be allowed with permission and on a case-by-case basis.  


Questions and discussions should happen on the Blaise Corvin Discord.  Please do not pm or email me about it. I want story discussions to be visible to other writers so I don’t need to answer the same questions over and over again.


If you cannot find the discord link, you may pm me or ask about that, however. 🙂


Story prompts and ideas for what stories are being searched for can be found below.  Applicants are not required to use this list, but should at least look them over.


The only portion of the story prompts below that is mandatory is the power level guideline.  As a newbie story on Ludus, main characters or overall conflicts higher than second rank orb-Bonded are not allowed for the anthology.




General guidance/facts:


-Adventuring groups will only have one or two orb-Bonded, max.  They’re fairly rare.

-Mo’hali tend to stick with other Mo’hali, same with Areva.

-Adom are tolerated, not welcome most places.

-First rank powers are not going to be blowing anything up, or changing an entire battlefield without being paired with extreme skill.  Remember Henry and Jason’s first fight with the demon wolves. The two of them working together still barely survived.

-Not including Dolos raises one’s chance of their story being accepted.  Dolos is a fun character, but easy to get wrong. Hell, I get him wrong sometimes and need to fix it during editing.




Writing Pompts mix-and-match:




(Tolstey) Gullet Ferry Swamp

(Dark and ominous with pirate types and witch doctors)

(Tolstey) Tropical coast near Lonely Bay

(Crab monsters)

(Tolstey) The Border Desert

(Where Nora trained.  Fewer monsters, but some are really big)

(Tolstey) Colo

(Coastal artisan city.  Has an uneasy truce with monsters)

(Tolstey) Border Mountains

(Extremely dangerous place)

(Berber) Fort Mars

The Tolstey Wilderness

Ancient ruins

An island off Tolstey

Sewers deep beneath Taretha (Tolstey)

(A mix of horror and ancient ruins)

A small town in Tolstey

A dungeon



A teen

A small group of adventurers

A single individual from Tolstey, human

A monster who wants to be Adom

A new Adom

A second or third generation Ludan Areva, who barely believes stories of space travel

A group of bounty hunters

A merc group

A human criminal




A battle

Running from the law

A vendetta (hunter or hunted)

A race

A trap

Trying to farm monsters


Living as a child

Investigating a powerful person

A rescue

Transformed into something 

Enduring an enemy’s ruinous plans





-MC(s) is a newbie and doesn’t know what they’re doing yet

-Someone found a treasure map, but it was not the only copy made

-The MC has an orb power they hate

-Encountering a new type of monster

-MC is in a village that is under attack

-MC witnesses something that happened in a Delvers or Nora book (like the battle of Soron)

-MC discovers an empty dungeon that is full of loot

-A group of adventurers is living in a dungeon, killing other adventurers and taking their stuff

-The MC or group of characters is new to Ludus, trying to survive

-The MC was transported to a Ludus city, and has been surviving as a reluctant (or enthusiastic) criminal

-The MC is a porter for an adventuring team, and gets the opportunity to become more




(Duanna Orb) Ability to walk through solid matter for a few seconds

(Dolos Orb) Hyper Awareness

(Dolos Orb) Strength and Endurance (Like Mareen)

(Duanna Orb) Ability to conjure ranged ammo (balls, arrows, bolts, etc)

(Dolos Orb) Speed and reaction time (but requires lots of calorie intake)

(Dolos Orb) Speed and an elemental affinity

(Dolos Orb)  One magic school and greatly heightened healing (similar to Henry’s)

(Duanna Orb) Energy Blasts and energy melee weapon

(Duanna Orb) Extreme durability (skin tough as thick steel)

(Dolos orb) Heightened reaction time and power over friction within 10 feet

(Duanna orb) Ability to shapechange with demonic features like claws and scales

(Non-orb power) Monster companion, bonds of trust from raising one

(Non-orb power) ESP

(Non-orb power) Psychic empathy (feeling edges of others’ emotions)

(Non-orb power) Psychic communication with one type of monster (like feline, canine, etc).  *Note, monsters are not sentient and most are dicks


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