Delvers LLC 4 is live!

Okay everyone,

Delvers LLC 4, Golden Handcuffs, has been published.

(Golden Handcuffs is a business term, like the rest of the Delvers LLC series titles)

This is the continued story of Henry and Jason, two regular guys from earth who were transported to a dangerous fantasy world called Ludus. Now they need to survive (maybe thrive) through wits, magic, and ingenuity.

Delvers LLC 5, Hostile Takeover will launch early 2021. Work has already begun. So rest assured there will not be any more long waits between Delvers LLC books.

There is also more information about the series in foreword.

If you would like to read all of the interconnected books set on Ludus, there is also:

Nora Hazard (3 books series)
Surviving Ludus (short story anthology)

Happy reading!


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