Cole Blooded – New Short Novel set in the Delvers LLC (Artifice) universe!

*** Delvers LLC fans will enjoy Cole’s story to see what sorts of experiments Dolos does outside of Ludus!***

Cole Blooded is a short, fast-paced, snappy story that features…

…Battle Royale GameLit! Battle royale generally refers to a death game with a tightening circle, or where players are otherwise forced together to fight.

This book will be fun for all types of readers, but portions will be especially recognizable to gamers! Have you ever played battle royale games like Apex Legends, or ARMA 3, or H1Z1, or Fortnite, or anything similar?

Imagine something like these games…but on an island where normal people just got mutant powers and dangerous monsters are running around.

This book is like a cross between battle royale games, Lord of the Flies, and superheroes.

Cole Blooded is the first story of an intended series following the life and times of Efrem “Coleslaw” White, or could be a standalone book.  We’ll see. 🙂
After meeting Dolos (the same Dolos from Delvers LLC), Cole learns the brutal rules of his new world, and has to make some very difficult choices. He will have to decide what kind of person he is deep down, at his core. What is he willing to do to survive, or ensure someone else survives?

In real life, people are messy, and individual morality can be too. Cole may have to find out the hard way that other people don’t always believe in the greater good as strongly as he does.



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