BC’s Knives. Entry: WE Knives Eschaton

I started this series on Facebook, but I’ve decided to move it to the site here.  🙂  This is the original post as it appeared on facebook on 8/15/2018

Hey guys! As you all know, I am very serious about knives. I’ve been collecting knives since…2009.

For those who are interested in my knife collection, I’m going to start posting one of my carry knives per week.

This is a….


Today we are looking at the WE Knives Eschaton.

This knife was designed by Elija Isham and is widely believed to be WE Knives proving how advanced their production and QC are. WE Knives is a Chinese company, manufacturing high end knives. The Eschaton may have been their bid to convince Western collectors that their knives are top notch.

They succeeded imo.

This knife uses Bohler M390 steel, one of the best stainless steels available in the world right now. It has a semi-integral, titanium handle with carbon fiber. The knife has a 3.85″ blade but still comes in at only 3 ounces for this variation (there was a blue one too).

Everything on the knife, from the grip to the crazy-ground blade was difficult to do, and meant to show the capability of the factory.

If you are familiar with concept cars, this is a concept knife. A limited number came out, and they are no longer available.

This knife was 350 retail when it came out, leading many to think that WE Knives was taking a loss, using the knife as a marketing ploy. I believe that within 5 years, the knife may go for $1000 on the secondary market.

It’s a cool little blade, and the grip is surprisingly comfortable and secure. I use this as a light shorts knife while jogging or outside. It’s light enough to disappear on my waist band, but if I ever needed to use it on a rabid coyote or whatever, it’d get the job done.

Pretty cool.

(product pics came from Blade HQ, a great place to buy knives from)

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