BC’s Knives. Entry: Lone Wolf Defender

This is part of my new BC’s Knives series!  A once a week post about one knife in my collection.  I plan to keep posting these until I get bored or run out of knives. 😛

The Lone Wolf Defender is an interesting knife.

Lone Wolf used to be a lower to midtech-level producing knife company in the early 2000’s era before being bought by Benchmade in 2010, presumably to leverage for a more “outdoorsy” style of knife series.  From what I’ve heard, the Defender, with its complex push-button Paul lock, was difficult and expensive to produce, and ultimately got axed.  Of course, Benchmade eventually came out with the Hunt series (which includes the excellent Crooked River), and all of the Lone Wolf knives seem to have been a casualty.


The Lone Wolf Defender won overall best in show at Blade Show 2009, which was how I discovered it to begin with.  I love to collect Blade Show winners, so this was a must-have.

My particular example is… kind of fancy.  In 2004-ish, a series of limited edition Lone Wolf Defenders came out, modified by Michael Prater of Painted Pony.

Michael Prater has been building custom knives since 1981 and modifying factory knives since 1999.  From what I can see, he does a lot of the latter now, and seems to really enjoy enhancing Buck knives.

Prater has said his Cherokee heritage helps guide his creativity.  In 2003, he trademarked his Painted Pony brand.

This particular defender was one in a limited run of 50, custom-modified by Prater in 2004.

Knifecenter, the only distributor I could find who still had an ad for this knife, describes it as:

…features his custom file-work on the back of the blade, the “Painted Pony” logo laser engraved onto the blade, custom sculptured side plates and handles. The handle is also inlaid with White/Gold stone matrix material that is highly polished to a beautiful luster that compliments the custom sculpture work.

The handle scales feature real rattlesnake skin.  It’s a pretty, functional piece, and that’s kind of my jam. 🙂

Lone Wolf Defenders are not exactly cheap these days, even the basic models.  Special editions like this one will definitely cost a pretty penny.

Blade length: 3.9″.
Overall length: 9″.
Blade thickness: 0.125″.
154CM blade

Product photo came from KifeCenter, one of the sites I enjoy buying knives from.


There’s a link to a vid showing how to open one of these knives here:  https://youtu.be/hSZBccGE10k


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