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William D. Arand, another writer, is a friend of mine.

Will and I go back a ways. We started writing at around the same time, but he beat me to it. In fact, I read his books (Otherlife) before I had published anything yet. We have very different styles, and even approach writing itself from different directions, but our friendship has really been based on a mutual love for writing and literature from the get-go.

A while ago, Will approached me with an idea for a shared universe. As far as I know, nothing like the VeilVerse has been done before, especially by indies. There have been other collaborative universes, like Star Wars EU, Dragonlance, and Michael Anderle’s large library of work. But as far as I know, two authors have never created a new universe from scratch and then proceeded to write /separate/ books in it right off the bat.

This is an exciting time to be a writer, and I feel honored to have been part of this project.

The cool thing about the VeilVerse universe is how readers can simultaneously read the adventures of two very different cousins, marooned in two different worlds. Furthermore, other writers may join us in the future with tales of their own veils.

I would classify both of the first two books in the VeilVerse universe as Portal Fiction, GameLit Harem Lit, but the ‘verse may include different types of stories in the future.

Asgard Awakening is the story of Travis Sterling, transported to a world where the powerful Kin rule, and humans are slaves. Trav has suffered great loss. He burns for freedom and revenge…but what will it cost?

Asgard Awakening:


Cultivating Chaos is Ashley Sterling’s story. Transported to a Wuxia-style world, where might makes right and martial arts can be supercharged with chi energy, Ash faces some very unusual challenges. Will he ever be able to walk as an equal to the other experts…perhaps even find some victory of his own?

Cultivating Chaos:


*Note: Both stories feature slavery, polyamory, differing morality from our own, and fantasy violence.



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