Delvers LLC Book 2

  • Passing_By

    The new cover is definitely nice

    • Blaise

      Thank you!

  • Nnelg

    What happened to the title and cover?

    • Blaise

      There’s a new one coming. Adventure Capital is now the title for book 3

  • CCaprice

    Awesome new cover, also looks like Henry picked a winner or got picked as it were.

    • Blaise


  • Passing_By

    Every time I come to the site, I brace myself for the newsletter ad thing and the annoying MailCrunch popup. Makes me reluctant to visit the site to be honest

    • Blaise

      I’m sorry to hear that. However, from my perspective, clicking an x is a small price to pay to read a free story online, no?

  • Moazzam Hameed

    Chp 22????

    • Blaise

      Working on editing the whole book. I’ll have a new chapter posted here today. The entire book is on Patreon right now.

      • Moazzam Hameed

        love your work
        keep it up

  • Moazzam Hameed

    Thx for the chapter

  • Brant Johanson

    I’m sorry if this question is a constant bane, but I have been unable to find the answer elsewhere.
    Does anyone know if there are plans for Delivers book 2 on audible? I do know how to read, I promise. It’s just that Jeff Hays was able to bring the book to life on an exponential scale greater than my dull imagination.

    • Blaise

      I just spoke to Jeff today. He’s still on vacation and was planning to start ASAP (he has some other commitments) but he might be able to work something in. It’s coming, I promise!

      • Micheal Brewer

        Just finished book one thanks to audible and really looking forward to the second book when it gets put on there as well.

  • Christopher Michael Davison

    What does a “Fideli” look like or what is it based on? I know the description in the book, but I can’t get a mental image from it.

  • Adam

    Hey. I really love your series and I recently realised you haven’t posted in a month or two. Are you still going to post here or is it just on patreon now?

    • Blaise

      Hi Adam! I’m going to put a few chapters up for free for book 3, but updates will be on Patreon from now on, yes. Too many people have been asking about Kindle Unlimited and I can’t offer chapters for free if I go that route.

  • MarkDsm

    Mr Corvin, been 2 months since you commented on the progress of the audible for book 2. I must protest. In fact, I will not buy another audible until book 2 is released or at least see a pre-order status. So when other writers start complaining about lose of revenue, protesting outside your home, keying your car and burning effigies of you in your yard, you only have yourself to blame!


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