The Art


This page is dedicated to art made for or inspired by work on this site. 🙂

First, the credits:

Delvers LLC and Crimson Artifice Covers
Ruykia,  Artist – painter

Delvers LLC Banner (for TWF)
Bonnie Price – Author, Of Astral and Umbral

Various graphic art done via artists on

Delvers LLC Illustrations from here on out are being transitioned from the Fiverr art to


Click the link to see her page!  I’m very happy with her work and super excited to see what else she creates for the story!

Background Image, “Midnight Forest” (used with permission)

by Kevron2001

Next, the fan art 🙂 (send all fan art to

I will post a link for any fan art submitted if the artist would like me to.


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