The tale of the angrybro reviewer, and the temptation to misuse power

So as most of you know, I just launched Delvers 2.

Reviews are very important, especially for indie authors.  So imagine my dismay when I saw a 1 star review posted that seemed to be only about… *gasp* including a gay character in my narrative.


This was the review:





I was actually kind of torn about this.  You see, I knew this was exactly the type of thing you can report on Amazon.  However, while I don’t talk about politics much and I won’t publicly get on a soapbox about what I believe, I am a freedom-minded dude.  I mean, I believe in freedom enough I was willing to enlist in the Army when I was a teenager.  Anyway, I didn’t report the review, but I did have a healthy dose of , “WTF?  What kind of fucking moron is this?”

So I shared the screenshot (name blacked out) on Facebook.  Outrage ensued, and the review got taken down, I’m assuming because a lot of people reported it.

Well, this entitled asshole noticed, and decided to post /another/ review.





Oh, now we’re getting more pointed.

So…I got a 1 star because of the afore mentioned, *GASP* gay character.  Better watch out, that fictional character may make you start craving dick!

Second, apparently, because this brilliant reviewer didn’t believe the book was LitRPG, it warranted a 1 star too.  Okay, mouth breathing moron of the internet.  Please kindly go fuck yourself with a cactus.  Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, and this one happens to be really stupid.

Now, this is when I noticed that this lovely individual was a part of my LitRPG group on Facebook.

This is where the temptation part came in.

See, I know that I have a fairly large audience, and it wouldn’t be difficult for me to start a witch hunt against one mentally challenged individual.  At the very least, I could ban him from my group.

However, that’s a slippery slope.  Also, let’s not beat around the bush…that path would be /evil/.  It would be a gross misuse of power, and if karma is a thing, I’d probably come down with cancer this year.

So this is a cautionary tale.  Someone reading this is an author or will be an author one day.  When that day comes and you have thousands of people who actually pay attention to the shit you say for some reason (I seriously have no idea why anyone gives a shit about anything I say), or you already have an audience, make sure you double think, maybe even triple think what you plan to do with your platform.  It’s one thing to get pissed when some mental giant of the internet tries to shit all over your livelihood or intended livelihood.

It’s quite another to be an epic bully.

This was kind of a significant milestone for my brand when I made the conscious decision to do no evil.  I’m just a baby author too.  I imagine that for the big guys, the seduction of misusing one’s platform could be intense.  Or maybe they were just like me and made the decision once so it would never be an issue again.  I don’t know.  I just know I’m glad that so many authors I respect don’t castigate individuals publicly, unlike some of the celebrities in Hollywood we’ve seen misbehaving on Twitter.

That said:

If you’re a fan of the Delvers series, please help me out by supporting the official release and leaving reviews if you enjoyed the book!  Every little bit helps, and lots of good reviews can help offset the angrybros.  Delvers is going to go some dark places and explore some adult problems.  I doubt this is the first time this problem will crop up.  However, I know all of you are up to the task of making sure all that shit just passes us by and doesn’t sink the ship.

Thank you.


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  • john parkes
    April 11, 2017 - 1:53 pm · Reply

    There are always haters, they will always bluster but their opinions have no logic to defend them aside from hate…confronting them gives them a forum and that’s not something anyone should do where the audience is inappropriate like a review page or a workplace because then everyone gets hit with the shit that flies.
    It invites other haters to join in and expands their voice while the non-haters witness it, in the main unwillingly.
    Fiction mirrors the real world in some ways like all art does or at least the imagined worlds we visit, the best fiction mirrors reality in some way and in the real world there are all kinds of people, strong weak, big small, fat slim, evil good, right wrong, gay straight, white black, and every shade between them all…in the real world some people have been shamed into concealment and that has lead to them being seen as outcasts, wrong, or bad and that is/was the goal of those who began the shaming, to end the exile, to end the shame, to end the hate, the victims have to come out of the shadows and be recognized before they can once again be accepted as part of society at large.
    Writing them into fiction is a part of normalizing them and removing the shadows, in our world they are doing well entering mainstream media and when popular people step out of the shadows…gay people have always and will always be part of humanity. It is our job to stop the shaming even if we aren’t gay and anything we can do to lend support is good but not in places where it hurts the innocent, like an amazon author review page, thankfully there’s a way for fans to fix this….each review has a button asking if ‘this review was helpful’…enough ‘no’s’ will have it removed.

  • Jay1590
    May 15, 2017 - 3:13 am · Reply

    Ahh, evil’s not so bad, you should have blasted him..would have been fabulous…much love to ya though

  • Raptor7
    September 4, 2017 - 1:29 am · Reply

    Well, it wasn’t the gay character being a problem, it was just hammering it in that he was gay. It made Thirsty look like he was a means to an end.
    He was a drag queen, I could get behind that, he was flaming, no problem there. It’s just…
    Did there really need to be such a long drawn out discussion of gay politics with Bezzi-Ibbi and Jason that could have been shorten down to maybe two paragraphs? It felt like filler and trying too hard to justify Thirsty being a gay character. Moreover, it would have been great to just see the characters interacting with Thirsty and getting the mixed reactions. You’ve already hinted at the homophobia on Ludas, what that entire exchange did was slowly drag a sledge hammer into the room, look everyone in the eye, and then break the ankles of the pacing so it could just slow down.
    And in all honesty, I thought Rark-han was the original gay character and not Thirsty. He was outcast from his clan, he was always close to Bezzi-Ibbi, pretty much did everything with him without complaint despite little annoyances when dealing with Jason and Henry, gets his tongue cut off and even gives his life for Bezzi-Ibbi without a thought. I always got little subtle hints while reading that Rark-han saw Bezzi-Ibbi as more than a Mo’hali Hero he was “indebted to” and more than a friend, but that didn’t really last long.
    The inclusion of a gay character wasn’t a bad thing it was just that the execution could have been done a lot better. I actually am looking forward to see what happens to Thirsty, if the Jaguar clan can get the clothing empire running without a hitch or not.
    Long story short: It wasn’t the gay character that made a problem it’s the long-winded discussion that destroyed the flow that was.

    • Blaise
      September 4, 2017 - 10:34 am · Reply

      I don’t agree with you, but thank you for your thoughtful opinion. I understand the logic of where you’re coming from and why you would feel that way. Hopefully you enjoy where the story goes next. 🙂

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