News 3/30/2017

Some important stuff here!
  • Book 2 of Delvers LLC is being published on 4/7/2017
  • Serial updates for Delvers will continue as usual on Patreon, but be much slower on the site here
  • SOO updates will be on Patreon, but will not be on the site here past a few sample chapters


News 2/01/2017

Just a couple bullets here for this one.


News 1/21/2017

I have a lot of news, folks.  I’m just going to bullet it out.
  • Book 1 of Delvers LLC – Welcome to Ludus is off KU and back on this website in its entirety
  • Secret of the Old OnesLuck Stat Strategy is published!
    • Luck Stat Strategy is already a best seller, #1 in Steampunk on Amazon!
    • SOO will be getting a paperback and an audio version really soon!
      • Audio work starts next week
  • A new mailing list is in place for the site
    • The old mailing list is for post updates.  The new one is the newsletter
    • Joining the newsletter mailing list makes you eligible for prizes in the near future
  • SOO (Secret of the Old Ones) will be coming to Patreon for book 2
  • Delvers LLC book 2 is getting a new title and a new cover
    • Book 2 will be, Obligations Incurred
    • Adventure Capital title and cover will now be for book 3

Things have been crazy for me, and they’re going to continue to be crazy.  Please bear with me.



News 10/30/2016

(copied from the news blog post)

Hi everyone!

I’m experimenting with new ways to give readers updates since my weekly messages are turning into a huge wall of text.

Plus, I have better formatting tools here so hopefully I can make some of this stuff easier to read. 🙂


  • Delvers LLC is going to have audio books!  Jeff Hays is going to be our go-to narrator for the entire series!  Yay!
    • Jeff is super talented and narrated The Selfless Hero series by William D. Arand
    • Book 1 (in Audible) should be out around Dec-ish.
  • Delvers LLC book 2 is moving right along!
    • The book finally has a cover!
    • Tentative release date is Feb. 2017
    • Hoping to get preorders up by Dec. 2016
  • Delvers LLC: Welcome to Ludus is going on sale soon!
    • Going on sale in the UK on Nov 3, 2016
    • Going on sale in the US on Dec 16-17, 2016
  • The Delvers Patreon just passed $100 a month!
    • Only $200 to the first goal!  This is very exciting
  • I am taking a lot of time off in Nov to get book 2 written.  
    • You can expect much faster chapter updates next month
  • Physical books might get cheaper soon

I think that’s about it other than the usual stuff.

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Thank you all so much for reading!



News 9/29/2016

Okay all – I’m going to make this announcement as clear as possible so there are no misunderstandings.
  • Book 1 of Delvers LLC – Welcome to Ludus is going to KU (Kindle Unlimited) on Sunday, Oct. 2.
  • This means only the first few chapters of Book One will stay up on RRL, Wattpad, and my website
  • Book One will be on KU for 3 months.  After that time, the chapters will come back online
  • Book Two (Adventure Capital) will continue to advance every week as usual
  • I don’t plan on going KU for any books other than book one in the future
So this is only a temporary thing and book 2 will continue to update.
If you’ve been putting off finishing book one, just try to get it read by Sunday night.
I thought about this decision for a long time and this is the best compromise I can think of.
Please know I’m not super happy about this, but there are a lot of people who don’t read web serials and have been asking me to put Delvers on KU.  New readers who just want to read the older version of the story online will just have to wait a few months.
In better news:

I’m working on getting a physical copy of Welcome to Ludus available!  I have a couple books coming in the mail next week.  If they check out, I’m going to okay the proof and then the book will be available (physically) on Amazon!  After the physical books are available, I’m going to think of some way to sell signed copies for readers that want them.

Physical copies will look like this:


Last but not least, I should have a new chapter up tomorrow!  I really thought I’d get to start writing faster again after publishing, but it looks like I’m not done yet… lol.
This has been a lot to learn and it’s been overwhelming.  Thank you, everyone for being so understanding and so supportive through all of this.


News 9/25/2016


The book launch is going great!

However, now I am thinking about going Kindle Unlimited on book one.  What this will mean is that I will have to take most of book one down from the internet for at least 3 months.  I’m really wrestling with this decision because I don’t want to take my content down, but Amazon basically created Kindle Unlimited for indie writers.

I will keep everyone posted.

News 9/20/2016


Delvers LLC: Welcome to Ludus is on sale!

News 9/17/2016

Hi everyone!  Huge news!

I’m getting the last of my manuscript back from the editor on the 19th.  After this I need to go through my entire text, format everything, place it into a tool to format for an epub, double and triple check everything, etc etc.  I should have my full story uploaded to Amazon and Nook by late 19th or the morning of the 20th.

This means Delvers LLC: Welcome to Ludus will be available on Kindle starting on September 20th – 22nd.  It will be available on Nook on the 22nd – 23rd.

As an FYI, the published version will have 2 full chapters worth of added content, two additional edits, flawless grammar, and also include two steamy romance scenes. Tongue

The book will be on sale for $5.98 USD and will be 133k words (which is pretty long, almost twice the length of some first novels).

This community and all of you in particular have been incredibly supportive and inspiring.  Thank you for coming on this journey with me and (hopefully) staying on it.

If you have left a review for Delvers on RRL and you’d like a copy when it’s published but you’re strapped for cash, pm me and maybe we can work something out.  I think I’d be willing to send free copies of the published version to a handful of readers for reviews on Amazon.


I’m very excited.  I wouldn’t be at this place right now without all of you which is why I also thanked all my online readers in the dedication of the first book!


News 9/13/2016

The last of my story just went ot the editor for PRing.  Should be publishing in about a week!


News 9/5/2016

Just sent the first 74k words of book 1 off to the editor for PRing!  Now I need to send the rest this week.  It’s happening, people!


News 9/3/2016

I have a couple announcements:

-First, the edit for book 1 is 50% complete as of this moment.  This is huge news because the first 50% of the story was the portion that needed the most editing.  Everything should go very quickly now.  -whew-

-Second, I’m writing Chapter 7 right now and this is exciting.  Henry and Jason are embarking on their next adventure!  I’m really excited about book 2.  I’m glad so many people can join me for the ride.


News 8/14/2016

I just had to change around some of my back end programs on the site.  Please let me know if you see anything wonky.


News 8/7/2016

I’ve started updated Delvers Book 2 chapters!  This is very exciting.  However, editing the first book is going very slowly.


News 7/25/2016

Hi all,

The new cover for the first book is done!  Editing is going slow so I’m currently writing book 2.  There should be a chapter up on Patreon soon.

Last but not least:  Please vote for Delvers LLC on TWF. Voting Button.  Each vote resets in 7 days


First book’s cover


News 7/16/2016

Hi all,

I just wanted to drop a note so everyone knows where I’m at.  Unfortunately, I just spent the last week traveling for business so I’m a week behind my intended schedule 🙁

The cover for book 1 is almost done.  I just need to edit like crazy so it’ll be ready for the next stage before publishing.

The news that is applicable to most of you is that I’ve started writing book 2.  It’s going slow because I’m still doing all my world building and plotting too.  That should be done in another week or two.

That said, I think I will have the first chapter of Delvers LLC: Book 2 uploaded to Patreon in a week or two.  The release here (on my website) will be a week after that.

The way chapter flow will work will be  Patreon->My Website->RRL and Wattpad.  Each step will be a week.  That means if you are a RRL reader, you will get chapters 2 weeks ahead of time on Patreon.

I really gave this a lot of thought before making my decision.  To be honest with you, uploading 4 or 5 different places every time I got done with another chapter was exhausting and was making this whole thing a lot less fun.  Considering I’m only making $20 on Patreon so far and that isn’t even covering my hosting costs, I think it’s important that the writing stays fun. 🙂

I nor anyone else wants me to burn out and leave the story unfinished (which is a pet peeve of mine for web stories btw).

This is the first time I’ve ever published a book so the ramp up and learning curve is pretty intense.  Losing a week didn’t help either.
Last but not least:  Please vote for Delvers LLC on TWF. Voting Button.  Each vote resets in 7 days


News 7/13/2016

…Still working on the editing.  It’s going slower than I thought it would.  I underestimated how much of the first few chapters I’d need to change to elevate it to my current writing style.  The struggle is real.

I’m sorry for the wait.

In better news, the new cover should be done soon!


News 7/8/2016

I’m in the process of breaking the Delvers LLC page into Book 1 and Book 2.  I’m also going to take the next few weeks to change some aesthetics on the site like creating buttons etc.


News 6/14


A couple maps have been commissions that should make the site look a bit less boring (and provide a map of Ludus).  I also created a page for the dedicated artist of Delvers LLC, link is in the “Art” page link.  The first book of Delvers LCC is almost complete.  I will be updating the story page with book one and book two after it’s done.


News 4/23

I just found a new, dedicated artist to work on art for the series!  This is very exciting news since now all the art will be of higher quality and done in the same style!

Watch this space.


News 4/20

I missed my self imposed exile last week!  This is the longest Delvers LLC has gone without an upload!

Unfortunately, my work had been crazy lately and I’ve been working 60ish hours weeks.  I apologize for the delay.

To help make up the dry spell, I am definitely going to release at least 2 chapters this week.  Stay tuned!


New News – 3/30

Progress bar added on left hand column and on Delvers LLC page for new Delvers LLC chapters.


Old News – 3/6

-The site has been update to utilize Disqus comments

-The site now has ways to join a mailing list for updates!

-Button to follow is at the bottom right of the screen

-You can follow on Facebook or Twitter!  Links at top left

-A simple button to vote at Top Web Fiction added to side bar

For regular news from yours truly, you can always visit my Facebook page.


Thank you


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