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LitRPG is fiction with elements of video games.

Portal Fiction involves stories where characters are transported from our world to another.

This is a (growing) list of suggested stories!  Just click on the cover to see the Amazon page!    

*Note:  This is a large selection of books ranging from YA to Christian to Erotica.

Feel free to comment below with more suggestions!

Authors can contact me at Blaise.Corvin.Art @gmail. com to send a novel for consideration.


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Delvers LLC: Welcome to LudusLitRPG, Portal, Two guys get transported to another world and screwed over by a god (series)

Awaken OnlineLitRPG, Highschool student leaves bad school and finds peace in VR (series)

The Gam3, Opening MovesLitRPG, Aliens are real and the whole universe plays a VR game for real stakes (series)










Last Horizon: BetaLitRPG, Older gamers play VR

Ready Player OneLitRPG, In a dystopian future, poor people play VR for a chance at treasure

The Land: FoundingLitRPG, Portal, Gamer is transported to a real game world (series)












The Soprano SorceressPortal, A professional singer is transported to world where music is magic (series)

Nine Princes In AmberPortal, Royalty from the “Real World” can walk infinite dimensions (series) (a favorite)

Ascend OnlineLitRPG, In a dystopian future, people pay to play a new. popular, VR game for fun and profit (series)











Is it Wrong to try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? LitRPG, LN, YA, A young boy comes to the city to be an adventurer and maybe find a girlfriend (series)

NPCsLitRPG, Portal, Unique story about NPCs in a real fantasy world forced to become adventurers to survive (series)

Resurgence, The rise of ResurgenceLitRPG, A group of gamers play a highly realistic VR game (series)










Otherlife DreamsLitRPG, Portal, A man wakes up in a game with no memory, he must level to regain memory, and death is permanent (series)

Continue OnlineLitRPG, Futuristic VR story with a dash of psychology (series)

Galataea Crystallim CoreLitRPG, Erotica, Human colony on another planet must capture and tame monster girls made from crystals (series)












The MagiciansPortal, An unhappy youth discovers a magical world, and power (series)

DreamLitRPG, Portal, A groups of x military gaming friends are taken to a fantasy world agains their will (series)

WarscapiaLitRPG, Humor, A group plays a strange, VR MMO


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The Slime DungeonLitRPG, A sentient Dungeon grows in order to flourish with the assistance of a helper (series)

The Song of Albion seriesPortal, Man crosses into a Celtic world and becomes embroiled in good vs. evil (series, full)

The TalismanPortal, Our world is linked to another and rare people can cross over.  MC is a 12-year-old boy, but book is not YA


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The Sleeping DragonLitRPG, Portal, A group of gamers is sent to a RPG world (series)

OrionPortal, A man discovers he is the pawn of gods, their tool of war throughout time and space

The Bathrobe KnightLitRPG, Portal, Unique character is transported to a game like world, but plays/lives as if it’s a game, not real life (series)


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The Golden CompassPortal, YA, A group of children uncover a nefarious plot to destroy their souls in the name of morality and will travel worlds away to oppose it.  Fantastics series (series)

SpinwardLitRPG, A fun, LitRPG novel with a female MC.  Poorly edited

StardustPortal, A young man crosses into another world and an amazing adventure by ignoring the rules of his elders.  A must read.


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Blacksalt Slayer, LitRPG, Portal, Novella, A world with LitRPG mechanics and permadeath (series)

A Wrinkle in Time, Portal, YA, A group of children travel with fantastic creatures to save their parents.  Can be read allegorically, a classic. (series)

AfterWorldLitRPG, In world where it’s dangerous to play VR, some do anyway (series)


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The Magician’s NephewPortal, YA, Unique Narnia book involving magic and world hopping, a must read. (series)

Drinking Midnight WinePortal, A man in London stumbles into a huge, magical world through his interest in a woman.

The Time of the DarkPortal, A female MC with medieval history knowledge is sent to another world by a wizard (series)


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End OnlineLitRPG, a man who was cripple from a car accident play VR (series)

Critical FailuresLitRPG, Portal, Humor, A group of gamers are transported to a RPG world in bodies not their own (series)

Out of the Silent PlanetPortal, A scientist must escape Mars after being transported there.  Classic (series)












Ranks of BronzePortal, Military, The lost Roman Legion was abducted by aliens to use in conflicts where technology was forbidden.  A favorite. (series)

Gulliver’s TravelsPortal, Satire, Gulliver meets many strange and interesting people on his travels.  A classic

Her Majesty’s WizardPortal, A scholar finds himself transported to another world where poetry and prose are magical (series)










John Carter (of Mars) series, Portal, An American military man is transported to Mars where he is involved in politics and war (series, full)

Witch WorldPortal, Man on the run escapes to a magical world full of witches (series)

The Stars, Like Dust Portal, A student goes to another planet and discovers his legacy










The WizBizPortal, A programmer in another world finds magic is a lot like programming.  Poorly edited (series)

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s CourtPortal, Mark Twain Portal fantasy.  A classic.

Magic Kingdom for Sale, SoldPortal, A depressed Lawyer buys a magical kingdom on a lark (series)










SpellsingerPortal, Pothead student is transported to a world of talking animals where playing music is magic (series)

The Steel of RaithskarPortal, Reincarnation, Language professor wakes in the body of a fantasy warrior (series)

Pyramid Scheme Portal, An alien pyramid lands in Chicago and creates problems, causing a strike team to mobilize to another world to stop it (series)










Rally CryPortal, A US Civil War unit are sent to another world and blow the hell out of reptilian monsters



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  • civilmage

    There are two books that I recommend adding to this list that should be considered as forerunners if not prime examples of the LitRPG genre. Quag Keep by Andre Norton. A group of tabletop gamers are transported to a world where they become their characters to the point that a charm bracelet with miniature dice spins whenever an encounter occurs. DreamPark by Larry Niven An Amusement Park opens that combines elements of LARPing, video games and tabletop gaming. Participants through a combination of android robots and holograms travel through an adventure. In the novel the protagonist is the head of security for the park and must become a character to solve a real-life murder.

    • Blaise

      Thanks for the tip. I still have a bunch of other books to read too like the dungeon books etc. I have like 6 or 7 more books to add too. Unfortunately, the process is kind of an involved, PITA.

      They are definitely, coming, though!


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