Ways to support Delvers LLC

Hey all – I dislike spamming my chapters with how you all can help me out with Delvers LLC, so here is a page with consolidated links!  These are all ways you can help promote Delvers LLC if you like the story (or even barely tolerate it).  The more my audience grows, the more motivated I am to write and the faster I usually do so too.


Patreon:  Patreon Page

I was shocked to learn via the survey that some of you didn’t even know I have a Patreon!  I suck at this stuff even worse than I thought.  Anyway, my Patreon page will get a facelift eventually, but not anytime soon.  It costs me money every month to maintain this site, so anything  you all can donate on Patreon will help a ton.

Paypal Donations:  (Click the “Donate With Paypal” button at the bottome of the site)

This one is pretty straightforward.  😛  Anyone who donates gets to see a funny video I commissioned at the beginning of the year.  More about that here.

Top Web Fiction
 Vote at TWF!

This is an important one, folks.  Please keep in mind that you don’t need to be logged in to vote, you can vote on as many stories as you want, and voting resets every 7 days.  Click dat button!

Wattpad page:  Delvers LLC on Wattpad

Wattpad is a weird place.  I’ve gotten barely any exposure there, but everyone can help with that!  It might take you some time, but just clicking on every chapter posted and clicking the “vote” button at the top and bottom of each chapter will help a lot.  I think you need to have a Wattpad account for this one.

Web Fiction Guide (rate and/or review):  Delvers LLC page at WFG

Web Fiction Guide and Top Web Fiction are linked.  You guys do a great job voting on Delvers to keep it in the top 15, but I don’t have many ratings or reviews yet. 🙁  This way to help me out requires a login for WFG.

Royal Road Review (rate and/or review):  Rate/Review at RRL  (scroll to the bottom)

Royal Road has been very kind to me.  A lot of writers on RRL with websites try to make their readers move to writing websites by posting less on RRL etc.  I don’t want to do that because I know some people prefer to read on RRL.  If you are one of those people, please help me out.  The more reviews I get, the more readers can find my story.

It’s also helpful if you upvote the reviews you like!



Forever and always, thank you for all of your support.  The reader are the main reason I stay motivated to keep doing this.  I have no free time anymore and my family never gets to see me, but this is something I really believe in and enjoy.  Thank you for helping make the experience that much better.




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