August 24, 2018

I’ve gotten a lot of question about how Nora Hazard fits into the greater Delvers LLC storyline, and I’ve tried to address that in the books themselves, but I know not everyone will see it. So, to make this really clear, this is my suggested Delvers LLC reading order: Delvers LLC, Welcome to Ludus Delvers…

April 7, 2017

You heard it, folks! ¬†Delvers LLC: Obligations Incurred is for sale on Amazon right now! Please support the official release (and leave a radical, awesome review!) ūüôā Buy Delvers 2 here! Please follow and like us:

February 15, 2017

Hey everyone! ¬†I have good news! ¬†Firstly, I’m writing again and trying to make up for lost time. ¬†Thank you for being so patient with me up until now. Second, I’m the writer of the day on r/Fantasy today (2/15/2017)! ¬†I’ll be answering questions on Reddit all day. ¬†If you’d like to stop by to…

February 1, 2017

previous   next Delvers Book 2 has a new name and a new cover! ¬†Adventure Capital is not the title and cover for book 3! New cover here: Please follow and like us:

October 22, 2016

previous chapter next chapter   Hey all, Just dropping in to say sorry for the delay. ¬†I’m still trying to get the next chapter out today or tomorrow. ¬†This week was pretty crazy for me. However, I do have something new to show everyone. ¬†I started a suggestion list (for fictions) on my website. I’m…

September 30, 2016

previous chapter next chapter   This post is also on my news page (which I update regularly) at:¬†¬† News 9/29/2016 Okay all – I’m going to make this announcement as clear as possible so there are no misunderstandings. Book 1 of Delvers LLC – Welcome to Ludus is going to KU (Kindle Unlimited) on Sunday,…

September 17, 2016

Vote for Delvers LLC On TWF: ¬† Brand new LitRPG Society facebook group: ¬† Hi everyone! ¬†Huge news! I‚Äôm getting the last of my manuscript back from the editor on the 19th. ¬†After this I need to go through my entire text, format everything, place it into a tool to format for an epub, double…


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