August 12, 2019

Ball of Light: Evolution by AR Chen is now live in the Amazon store! AR Chen was one of the original members of the LitRPG Society, my first group I ever created on RRL.  His story is a combination of dungeon, portal fiction, and evolution.  It’s completely unique! This story is not mine, but I…

July 27, 2019

Hey everyone! I have a quick bit of news for August, 2019! Ongoing work: Next month I will be editing First Song 2 again, writing Asgard Awkening 2, and putting out a few Delvers 4 chapters.  I’m going to be busy as hell. Releases: Cole Blooded Outspan Foster and I kind of did a spur…

May 25, 2019

Hey folks! Wow, it’s been a while.  Yikes. Okay, let me start this post with an explanation first.  As most readers probably know, my average production time for a book is around three months.  I am about two weeks away from finishing Nora 3, and it’s taken me six. The frustrating thing about this is…

December 16, 2018

  William D. Arand, another writer, is a friend of mine. Will and I go back a ways. We started writing at around the same time, but he beat me to it. In fact, I read his books (Otherlife) before I had published anything yet. We have very different styles, and even approach writing itself…

September 15, 2018

First Song, Book One has launched! This was my first collab, and I really enjoyed working with Outspan Foster. First Song, Book One, is the first book of the Anthem of Infinity series. This is a completely new series in a different universe than any other book I’ve published. The story is about Noah, a…

August 24, 2018

I should have a new book launching in September, 2018 if it doesn’t get pushed back. First Song, book one, the first book in the new Anthem of Infinity series, is a new story written with my friend Outspan Foster–an incredibly talented and imaginative YA-centric author. First Song itself will be YA, a coming of…


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