Hey everyone! First off, please don’t come after me with pitchforks and shovels.  I’m writing and working on stuff right now, I promise.  I’m working on SOO and Delvers world building so I don’t trip myself up later on.

However, I wanted to hare one of my IRL adventures today.  I was getting groceries, wearing my geeky, Rocket the Raccoon backpack in the parking lot of HEB, my favorite grocery chain in Texas.

I spotted a guy sitting on a car playing a guitar.  The whole tableau struck me as somewhat interesting, and I realized it was because he looked like a bard in training.  In my mind I conjured this backstory that he was on a break, working on his magical music skills so he could join an adventuring party. (In all honesty, I tend to see everything through a fucked up fantasy lens, but I digress).

Anyway, I greeted the musician and told him he looked like a bard.  Then I explained what a bard was, because everyone is cooler than me.  Lastly, he let me take a pic for all my social media because he was a really nice guy.

So if you see the IRL Bard in TX, tell him BC says hi.


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  • Isaac Winter

    I saw a guy following a group of friends around in San Francisco singing and playing a guitar. IRL Bard gets around!

    • Blaise

      I loled. 🙂


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