Since not everyone reads the web serial version of Delvers LLC, and some long-time readers may not have seen all the new art, I wanted to make a new blog post about the art! 🙂

Below was the original Delvers LLC cover that I now use as a series image.  This was done by Ruykia on Fiverr.


All of the rest of these illustrations were done by the dedicated Delvers LLC artistCaterina Kalymniou


This first image is of Jason and Henry meeting Dolos for the first time.



Next is Henry saving Mareen.


And last (for now) is George reading through his journal.



My next blog post will be on the various visual depictions of the Delvers LLC magic system!




I am getting some t-shirts made for readers!  Sean, thank you for your diligence, but this has been sanctioned by me.



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