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Hello, Delvers readers!

I saw a few questions on Amazon and I figured I’d answer them.

Question:  When can I expect book 2?

BC:  -Book 2 (Delvers LLC: Adventure Capital) should be done before the end of the year. I’m actually probably going to write instead of visiting my family.  I’m aiming for a Jan. or Feb. release (crossing my fingers).  I have a Feb 15th AMA type thing on Reddit R/Fantasy and I’d really like to have the sequel available on Amazon before that.


Question:  Wtf?  Why no loot index at the end of the book?  I wanna know how Jason advanced too!

BC:  -I don’t believe in ending books on cliffhangers unless it’s organic to the narrative, so I had to create some other reason for folks to join me for book 2, right? ;P There is a lot of loot to be had, orbs to find, spirit stones to steal, etc. Don’t worry.


Question:  This is LitRPG – Why no XP for kills?

BC: -First off, not every game works that way, so not every LitRPG world will either.  Plus… I kinda just lied.  It actually still works this way on Ludus, it’s just more abstract. For instance, prior to crafting, battle, and forming a party, there would have been no way Henry and Jason could have taken a difficult challenge, right? Think of spirit stones and orb ranks as more like… unlocking potential. They get a power boost from unlocking their potential, but also training their untapped abilities.  Ludus advancement works more like The Elder Scrolls, where you get better at things by doing them. I wanted to make a system that would satisfy me as a LitRPG reader but would also appeal to me as a sword and sorcery fantasy reader.

Plus, I’m not a big fan of LitRPG books that are 50% stats. So… creative control?

I hope to see everyone when book 2 comes out!

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