10/30 Lots-o-News

Hi everyone!

I’m experimenting with new ways to give readers updates since my weekly messages are turning into a huge wall of text.

Plus, I have better formatting tools here so hopefully¬†I can make some of this stuff easier to read. ūüôā


  • Delvers LLC is going to have audio books! ¬†Jeff Hays is going to be our go-to narrator for the entire series! ¬†Yay!
    • Jeff is super talented and narrated The Selfless Hero series by William D. Arand
    • Book 1 (in Audible) should be out around Dec-ish.
  • Delvers LLC book 2 is moving right along!
    • The book finally has a cover! ¬†http://blaise-corvin.com/delvers-llc/delvers-book-2/
    • Tentative release date is Feb. 2017
    • Hoping to get preorders up by Dec. 2016
  • Delvers¬†LLC: Welcome to Ludus is going on sale soon!
    • Going on sale in the UK on Nov 3, 2016
    • Going on sale in the US on Dec 16-17, 2016
  • The Delvers Patreon just passed $100 a month!
    • Only $200 to the first goal! ¬†This is very exciting
  • I am taking a lot of time off in Nov to get book 2 written. ¬†
    • You can expect much faster chapter updates next month
  • Physical books might get cheaper soon

I think that’s about it other than the usual stuff.

Please vote for Delvers on Top Web Fiction!

Just click this button: ¬†[su_button url=”http://topwebfiction.com/vote.php?for=delvers-llc” target=”blank” background=”#111110″ color=”#e49928″ size=”4″ icon=”icon: circle-o”]Vote on Top Web Fiction for Delvers![/su_button]

Votes on TWF last for one week, and you can vote on more than one story.

If you haven’t already bought my book or left a review on Amazon after buying it, check it out!

The link is on the left of the site or you can click here: https://www.amazon.com/Delvers-LLC-Welcome-Blaise-Corvin-ebook/dp/B01M0U4B3S/

Thank you all so much for reading!


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