Thank you for stumbling onto my page!  I’m Blaise Corvin, and I’m really excited that you’re here.  

I am currently updating two stories right now, Delvers LLC is my main focus.  Delver is set in a truly vast fictional universe, reflecting our own reality.  Every story I write will have a different tone and direction, but I will be writing Delvers LLC for a while – at least several books without pause.

The second story is Secret of the Old Ones, a LitRPG novella set in a Victorian horror VR game.

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About the content I create:  I write adult stories.  However, I don’t like to dwell too much on the types of things that may negatively trigger readers.  Violence is definitely involved in what I write, but I don’t focus too much on gore.  From a technical standpoint, doing so lessens the impact of writing when you /do/ want to shock your readers. 🙂  Most sexual encounters will happen off screen, and while rape may happen, it definitely won’t be graphically portrayed nor lingered on.

I say again, there will be no protracted, distressing rape scenes on… I’m looking at you, Terry Goodkind and John Ringo.

All throwing shade aside, I want to reiterate that I am not typically a shock writer.  However, reactions among readers are subjective and this is my work so I reserve the right to do what I want with it.  All that said, if you read any contemporary science fiction or fantasy, you should be right at home here.

I want to encourage new readers to check out the links on the left hand side of the site.  There you will find answers to just about every question you could think to ask.

I try to edit my work but I want to get updates out as quickly as possible.  You may see some spelling or grammar mistakes.  Please ignore them.  I will be hiring an editor prior to publishing any finished stories, I assure you. 🙂

Please enjoy your time here!



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